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Joshua Muravchik

Nicholas Clairmont

The Washington Free Beacon

Joshua Muravchik's definitive history Heaven on Earth was originally published in 2002 with the subtitle "The Rise and Fall of Socialism." In order to stay definitive, it is now updated with a third act added on to the historical drama of socialism in the form of its 21st century "Afterlife."  Read more...

Stephen Bailey


“As much brilliant essay as historical narrative, this work traces the development of socialism from the "Conspiracy of Equals" in the French Revolution to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.”  Read more...

Barton Swaim

Wall Street Journal

"What a perfect time, then, for the reissue of Joshua Muravchik’s superb “Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism.”  The word “afterlife” is new in the subtitle and represents an epilogue.”  Read more...

Heaven on Earth
Joshua Muravchik

Sohrab Ahmari

Wall Street Journal

“Part polemic, part intellectual history, this thoughtful and timely study... provides a nuanced and illuminating guide to the ideological developments that have led many on the left to detest Israel.” Read more...

Paul Hollander 


“A thorough and illuminating analysis of the changing Western attitudes towards Israel, this book prompts the reader to ponder the larger question of how political judgments are made, influenced, and colored by non-rational, emotional factors. It reminds us that these judgments…have influential moral components” Read more...

Sol Stern 


“A powerful indictment of the West’s serial moral failures regarding Israel and the Middle East conflict. . . . The chapter on Edward Said is a tour de force.” Read more...

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Joshua Muravchik
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Joshua Muravchik
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